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No words to express how happy we have been to have you in Will’s orbit the past few years.  The lessons you’ve taught have gone so far beyond the bounds of music on the page.  We suspect he will continue guitar in some capacity…just trying to work out the details.  Will keep you posted on musical endeavors and know he’ll want to stay in touch!

Much love as you continue with other lucky families!

Johanna, mom of Will, 2017 Forte graduate

I really appreciate the attention you give to timing and musical theory. We have a friend who is also taking lessons (out of the area!) and is so psyched to have learned chords right away, but he is getting limited rhythm and harmony. ~ Ronna, mom

Ben has also learned “Happy Birthday” and played it for his brother this morning (today is Alex’s 6th birthday). I’ll have to take a video fo him and send it to you. ~ Michelle, mom

That’s really above and beyond , though that phrase just seems to describes who you are. ~ Kelly, mom

Thank you Melissa, that means a lot! I know you can understand 100% how many moving parts there are when you have as much as we do on our plates! I am just thrilled that Elijah will be in class with you again! We missed you TONS!!! ~ Jamie, mom

 Many, many thanks for the wonderful update, Melissa! Hayes is really enjoying guitar and I am glad to hear that she is taking it seriously in class.  I love watching her focus on her musical and artistic interests and we are so proud of her!  ~ Cara – mom

Hi Melissa,

I have to share this with you…

We have been struggling with practice.  I am not surprised and anticipated this coming.  Cooper is busy – school, soccer, homework, guitar.  It is hard to find that line of when it is too much.  And i don’t like to nag, but can’t help myself.  I know when he plays and attends your lessons he is happy.  I know guitar is something he enjoys.  And Cooper is the kind of child that really needs to practice, practice, practice.

So, each day I put his guitar and folder on his bed while he is at school and voila!!!  I do not need to say another thing or bug him.  He sees it and practices at least a little each night before bed.  It is right there waiting for him.  I think it is nice to hear some music at that time too.

A little success I wanted to share.  🙂


I so appreciate your dedication to Cyrus. You are and will always be his longest standing teacher. We appreciate all you do!  ~ Kelly, mom of student

Thanks for the great, detailed feedback. I super appreciate it and it feels it is pretty representative of how you go about teaching.  We’ll work on videos! I feel like Luke is in guitar for the long run. He has incorporated it into his identity and it really works with his sensory integration and self soothing.  ~ Ronna, mom

Thank God for the practice videos because it’s not like I know anything about guitar. HA! Jay is now practicing on his own a lot more. At least I know he knows how it’s supposed to sound.  ~ Marti, mom

Melissa, I know these individual updates take time, so I wanted to tell you how important they are to us especially me since I’m not the one taking Jacob to lessons. The level of detail shows you really know my kid. Yes, he is a ham, I know – sorry! This is exaclty the kind of thing we wanted in a lesson experience, not just the technical knowledge, but you make Jacob feel like you really care about him as a person and a player. We appreciate all you do.  ~ David, dad

Thank you for your patience, the class and for helping my kiddo feel like music is something he can make, not just consume. ~Heather and Alex, parents

Designed by beloved music educator, Melissa Monforti, Forte’s KiDS GUiTAR curriculum gradually covers all the skills for lifelong practice: chords and chord families, melody and TAB, accompaniment and ensemble work, lots of fun songs.

Kids receive a practice folder/journal and a pick, plus plenty of inspiration and incentives that encourage practice.

Kids – (and parents!) – especially love our practice videos where they can practice along with accompaniments and develop a useful practice regimen.  It’s a truly unique aspect that makes Forte Music Education the BEST kids guitar lessons Denver has to offer.

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