Frequently Asked Questions

Practice is the hardest part about learning to play guitar. If you think your child isn’t ready for the at-home commitment of learning to play, we suggest you delay starting the process. We prefer to set a student up for success than to expect more than they can handle, which leads to frustration and self-judgment, which as you might guess can thwart a lifetime of music making.

We expect beginners to practice at least three times a week, playing their weekly song or skill at least twelve times total. More advanced players are expected to play every day, sometimes for only 5 minutes, but up to 30 minutes.

At Forte, we do everything we can to make practice at home easier for the student and the family. Read this blog about how we inspire kids to practice.

Families, it is your gift to your young guitarist to help them develop a practice regimen that supports their learning. Once you register, you get tons of supportive information to help you adopt guitar practice as part of your family life.

You’ll need a guitar, tuner, strap, case, and picks.

Depending on your kid’s age and size, a ½ or 3/4-size guitar is usually appropriate. For our lessons, an acoustic guitar is better than a classical. (If you’d like your child to learn classical guitar, I can refer you to some other great teachers.) It’s okay if the guitar has nylon strings, but steel strings are better in the long run. If the strings haven’t been changed in a while, we recommend changing them.

We recommend the Snark, but any chromatic tuner will do.

If you’re not sure what kind to get, bring the guitar with you to a guitar store like Guitar Center.

Especially if you spent good money on a guitar, you’ll want to protect it when transporting to and from lessons.

I supply students with a pick, but they inevitably lose them again and again. Picks are pretty cheap and they’re fun to collect, so get a handful.

KiDS GUiTAR:  $259

Includes 11 30-minute lessons, professional handouts and music designed specifically for the younger learner, practice journal and pick, tons of practice videos for the exact music from lessons, free admission to guitar community events, fun kid-friendly incentives, and (NEW!) completion certificates for every session.

There are three sessions per year: Fall, Winter and Spring. Spring session includes Recital, which counts for one of the lessons.

Make-up lessons are $30/half hour, scheduled as needed.

Private Summer Check-In: $60/hour
Holiday Songs Lesson: $25/half hour
KiDS JAMS: $35/two hours

KiDS GUiTAR lessons are located in Highlands Tennyson Street area, Berkeley neighborhood.

Edie4321 W. 44th Ave, Denver 80212

Just east across the alley from the Oriental Theater.

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We have found that small group lessons are the best way for school-aged children to learn guitar. We don’t offer private lessons except for make-up lessons and a summer check-in lesson.

If you’re interested in private lessons, contact us. We’ll connect you with some fabulous private instructors.

Here’s a story about why we do group lessons:
In preparing for recital, two boys in 5th & 6th grades chose a song to play as a duet. At dress rehearsal, they bombed and they both knew it. After rehearsal, through their emotions, they worked out a plan to be ready for the recital just two days away.

They pulled it off, and even though the performance was spotty and rough, they gained invaluable lessons about showing up for your fellow musicians, learning your part, being a crucial team member, and enduring the tougher path instead of giving up.

That type of life learning doesn’t happen in private lessons. That’s why we are committed to group lessons.Big kids group

Plus, we laugh a lot. And who doesn’t need more of that?

Bring any song to your teacher and he/she will help you arrange it for your skill level.
We start kids at 7 years old.

Seven is the magic age when they can handle the level of responsibility to care for a real instrument, manage their own practice time, and communicate their musical ideas and needs, and when they have the necessary hand and finger dexterity.

Most 7 year olds can read and write, also important when learning a new language – music.

Older kids can start anytime! We’ll do our best fit your child into a group that makes sense for their age and ability.

Yes! Check out Music Together  (for kids 0-5) and Big Kids Music Tour (for kids 4-8).