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Bill Mangham Memorial Scholarship Fund

Did you know that Forte Music Education has a scholarship fund? If ever your family is finding it difficult to pay for lessons, we are proud to offer you support through the Bill Mangham Memorial [...]

More for the Money

It’s always cool to find out you’re getting more than you pay for. Here’s a list of all the things your teacher does to provide your young guitarist the absolute best kids guitar lessons your [...]

How to Use That Practice Journal

Your child is picking up their guitar and practicing. Hooray! Now what to do with that practice journal? Your child received a practice journal at lessons. We instruct kids to track their practice every time they [...]

Supporting Your Child’s Guitar Practice at Home

How much should a young guitarist be practicing? What time of day should my child be practicing? Do I have to tune every time my child practices? What should my child be practicing? How much [...]