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You’re a great parent, looking into guitar lessons for your kid because, well, s/he’s always loved music and now s/he’s at the right age. You’re doing your research. Good for you!

~~ OR ~~

You’re a savvy kiddo. You can’t wait to learn to play all the songs you love hearing on repeat. You’re googling “guitar lessons in Denver” or “kids guitar lessons Denver” and now you’re here. Smart.


  • Teaching since 2007; we’ve taught dozens of kids
  • Founded by Melissa Monforti, our primary teacher
    • long-time local music educator with more than 12 years of experience and extensive training in how kids learn music
    • accomplished singer/songwriter and recording artist
    • playing guitar since 1986
  • Progressive, developmentally-appropriate, multi-level curriculum – big words that mean the lesson series build on themselves, are designed specifically for school-aged kids and their special quirks, and accommodate varying skill levels within one group
    • long history serving the Highlands neighborhood of Denver
    • Melissa is a Highlands Mommie (neighborhood organization) since 2003
    • we are a small business, not a subsidized nonprofit or a corporationKids Guitar Lessons Denver - Forte Music Education
  • Unique aspects
    • small group lessons
    • practice videos for every lesson
    • teacher with a gift for working with kids
    • resource-rich website and blog
    • fun incentives and gifts
    • three 11-week sessions a year with summers off
    • annual recital with just enough, not too much, performance pressure
    • affordable at less than $23/half hour lesson

What are lessons with Forte like?


You’re going to learn to play guitar, not under an intense spotlight, but in a relaxed, small group class where you get to ask questions, laugh, and be yourself. Life-long musicians stay with it because they love to play their instrument. We provide motivation without being intimidating.

Forte keeps the fun alive! Melissa is a life-long music educator with tons of training and experience with the specific ways kids learn music. You can expect games, incentives, jams, and general goofiness.forte-2001


You’ll meet some other kids around your age, kids who also love music. We call them “lessonmates.” We play together because guitar is just like that! Some of our kids have been lessonmates, playing together for five years already. You’re all learning the same songs together, sometimes nailing it and sometimes screwing up bad. We’re all in it together.


Obviously, you agree: music is awesome. Can you name any person you know who doesn’t like some kind of music? There’s a reason 99.99% of people love music. It’s good for our brains, bodies and spirits. And guitar is an instrument you can play for life, take anywhere, and sing along with. You’ll notice good changes as you get better and better at playing, changes like:Kids Guitar

  • being more relaxed
  • having a way to handle stress
  • having something to do when you’re bored
  • being creative and expressing your feelings and ideas
  • building stronger brain abilities like focus and sharpness
  • generally feeling cool!


Okay. Music is great and everything, but let’s be serious: real learning is hard work. If you want to be a guitarist, you not only have to start taking lessons, you have to stick with it.

Forte makes it as easy as possible to keep up your practice.

  1. PRACTICE VIDEOS – OMG, use them! This is one of the best things about Forte’s kids guitar lessons Denver. There is a practice video for every lesson, meaning you IMG_2939can just pull up the video and practice along. Hello!? That is so much easier than trying to remember how to play that song or practice that skill.writing
  2. Practice Journal – Forte helps you get into the awesome habit of tracking your practice in your practice journal.
    You will see your progress and all the time you’ve put into becoming a great player.
  3. Teamwork – True, usually, peer pressure isn’t a great thing, but in this case, it helps! Your lessonmates are putting in the time, and so should you. The whole group makes learning a priority and it shows when someone is slacking. Lessonmates help keep each other stay on target.
  4. Melissa! We love her! – Our students tell us they want to practice because they are really inspired by their teacher, Melissa. She makes you want to practice! We don’t know what her magic secret is, but it works.Forte Music 2

A little more about our curriculum:

We aim to bring you the best kids guitar lessons Denver has to offer. Our goal is that you are playing your guitar, and loving it.

  • Practice videos for every lesson.
  • Organized curricula that progresses naturally step by step.
  • Beautiful and clear handouts.
  • Easy to follow music.
  • Teacher with big hearts and no big egos.
  • Explanations and methods that have stood the test of trial and error.
  • Song choices that inspire practice, many suggested by our awesome students.
  • Built-in review and reinforcement.
  • Annual recital to show off all our amazingness.
  • Fun incentives and gifts throughout the year.
  • Three 11-week sessions with summers off.

Forte History

Forte Music Education LLC was founded in 2007 by music educator and singer/songwriter, Melissa Monforti. Melissa hails from New York, and has claimed Colorado as home since 1995. She has been involved with music since childhood and first picked up a guitar as a teenager. She has performed professionally since her early twenties and has written over 50 original songs, a few of which grace her first recording, launched June 2016. Melissa writes about her life as a singer-songwriter, and her first book, Voice of a Songwriter, was also released June 2016.

A natural teacher, Melissa has taught everything from cooking to Tai Chi. Melissa is beloved within the community as an early childhood music educator, teaching Music Together since 2005 and founding Kids Music Tour in 2009.

Grounded in her absolute love of teaching children, Forte, having previously taught adults as well as kids, is now focused primarily on kids guitar lessons Denver.