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Welcome to Forte Music Education – Kids Guitar Lessons Denver CO

More than just lessons…

  1. It’s all about friends. Kids 7-12 are geared toward peers, and our small group lessons meet the need.
  2. Practice videos for every lesson. Practicing at home is way more fun and more accurate.
  3. Maintaining a love of music. Learning to play guitar shouldn’t squelch the joy – it should enhance it!
  4. NO CONTRACT AND SUMMERS OFF! Let’s be reasonable, right?

For children’s guitar lessons Denver, we know kids better than anyone.  Melissa Monforti, curriculum developer for Forte’s stellar kids guitar lessons Denver program, has more than 12 years of experience and fully grasps the unique ways that kids learn to play guitar.

At our easy to find Kids Guitar lessons Highlands location, just east of the Oriental Theater in the Berkeley neighborhood near Tennyson St., our KiDS GUiTAR students do as much laughing as playing guitar. Our job is to keep your kids loving music.

If your budding guitarist is…

  • jumping around the house playing air guitar
  • a goofy, fun-loving kid who loves music
  • shy with a deep trove of wisdom
  • singing their favorite songs at the top of their lungs
  • scanning through videos of their favorite bands
  • making music part of their hang time with friends
  • asking to learn to play guitar

…then you’ve found the best place learn to play guitar in Denver, the best place for guitar lessons in Denver for kids. Forte Music Education.

Not sure yet?  Join our mailing list and check out our many practice videos, an easy way to check out our style from afar.

Then, when you’re convinced your kid is in the best hands possible, guitar classes in Denver at Forte Music Education is ready to welcome your family to the Forte family. Contact us today!