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Watch this brief intro from our owner and founder.  Forte is unique in that we have practice videos for every lesson, teach in the small group for the fun and community, our curriculum is clear and organized, and our studios are bright and happy.  Find out why we are the best Denver guitar lessons in town.

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Guitar I

Tuning, major & minor chords, strumming in duple and triple time, finger picking. All the basics and lots of song that will inspire you to practice.

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Guitar II

Hammer-on/pull off, descending bass line, barre chords, 12-bar blues. You’re not just a beginner anymore, so you don’t have to sound like one.

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Guitar III

Learn about TAB and which note is which. A special focus on the 5th & 6th strings highlights the bass line capacity of guitar.

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Kids ages 7-12 learn all the basics in small group lesson format in three 10-12 week sessions per year and a mini-session in the summer.

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Welcome to Forte Music Education – Guitar Lessons Denver CO

You’ve found the best place for guitar lessons in Denver.  Why?  Because Forte Music Education offers you MUCH MORE than just lessons.  We make it so much easier to learn to play guitar. Here’s why.

Learning to play guitar requires a commitment.  We understand most students’ reluctance to stay on the path, so our Guitar I series is 24 lessons.  The #1 reason a student doesn’t reach their goal is because they quit just when it gets hard.  We get you through the temptation to call it quits.

For children’s guitar lessons Denver, we know kids better than anyone.  Melissa Monforti, curriculum developer for Forte’s stellar kids guitar lessons Denver program, has more than 12 years of experience and fully grasps the unique ways that elementary aged kids learn.

Why else?  NO one else provides you with a practice video for every lesson.  It’s a pain to go home and try to recreate what you were learning.  How do you know whether you’re doing it right?  We’re not sure when the competition will ever catch up, but we’re using the technologies available to make sure your practice time is fruitful and you’re making real progress.  With Guitar lessons Highlands and Guitar lessons Park Hill locations, its easier than ever to start.

If it’s been on your bucket list, learn to play guitar in Denver by reaching out to us today.

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Then, when you’re convinced – as more than 300 others have – that guitar classes in Denver is your goal, we’ll be happy to get you started on your guitar journey.

Get FREE weekly video mini guitar lessons!